Asima was the scene of the TV commercial for "FROM AQUA", bottled water from the Tanigawa mountain spring.


With over 25 years of history the grilled curry cafe and restaurant Asima became the setting for the TV commercial for the mineral water "FROM AQUA".(2011)

Looking back, we would like to introduce the origin of Asima cafe & restaurant, which began as a 'bento' shop at Minakami station. It grew and took up its current home after renovation in 1987 of the house which also stands here. After a while, we built the current restaurant on the main road next to the Tone river and mountains, with the aim of providing a memorable resting place for all visitors to the region.
The restaurant got its name from the old name of the area - 'Asima' On one occasion, a fortune-teller who stopped by in Minakami hot spring, advised the restaurant to change the kanji to '芦間'Asima to bring good fortune, and so it was changed.
【Store popular spot 1-Old-fashioned stairs】The restaurant is also well-known for its old-fashioned staircase, which you can see as soon as you come through the front door.As you climb the stairs, the years will fall away and you can see the restaurant step by step.
【Store popular spot the 2-Nordic lodge-style】The restaurant is a well-known landmark due to its Nordic lodge style. It resembles the European mountain buildings found in ski resorts and stands out among the usual Japanese style..
【Store popular spot the 3-Terrace】The terrace area stands proud from the building and provides the perfect holiday setting.Crystal clear air from Tanigawadake will heal your body and mind. Pets may join you in the terrace.